Decorating your Outdoor Space An Extension to your Home

Decorating your outdoor space is fun and is possible even if you don’t live in Florida or California. Even those who fire up the heater during the fall and winter can still enjoy the spoils of an outdoor space. According to Elsa from Sew Zeal, decorating your outdoor space is as easy as putting in a faux wall with a moveable screen or adding some custom made window treatments.

Any outdoor space, whether it is a patio, porch, deck or an actual outdoor room can be beautiful and an extension to the rest of your home.

Below are a few ideas from Sew Zeal that may help if you are decorating your outdoor space this fall.

Dine in while Dining Out

An un-screened porch is the perfect place for a dining table. Ceiling fans and citronella will keep the insects at bay. Paint the room white and go for blue damask custom made pillows and cushions or keep it natural with wood tones.

Bamboo and Natural Textures

Match bamboo flooring with walls textured in linen. Use wicker furniture and a built in sectional. Give the space a pop of color and add tangerine and teal cushions and pillows. If you want to have some privacy, ask Elsa from Sew Zeal about custom made outdoor window treatments for your outdoor room.

Pallets and Crates for Seating

Use crates or pallets for easy, affordable seating. It makes interior decorating a snap when you have Elsa custom make some cushions and pillows. You won’t believe how great your outdoor space will become when you use the best interior decorator in the business, Elsa from Sew Zeal.

When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, nobody does it like Elsa from Sew Zeal. Call or click and schedule a no obligation interior decorating consultation from Elsa today. It really will make a difference to your home. Call or click now.



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