Interior Decorating for the Season 2017

If you like to be prepared for the holidays, Elsa has some simple tips that can help you boost your interior decorating skills using affordable soft furnishings, cushions and pillows and even window treatments that will give your home the wow factor for the festive season.

Don’t Toss the Branches

Collect the branches from your trees after the leaves start to fall. Craft mini trees from deciduous or green fir trees. Decorate for fall and spray the branches dark orange or burnt umber or spray gold or silver for Christmas, New Year and winter.

Holiday Wreath using Bows

Those Christmas Bows that come in packages from your local dollar store make great wreaths anytime of the year. Decorate with colors appropriate to the season using a Styrofoam ring to hold the bows in place.

Pinecones for Table Decor

Pinecones are perfect for fall and winter. Dip pinecones in red or yellow for autumn or paint in holiday colors. Splashes of glitter secured with glue make for a beautiful center or sidepiece for Christmas. Place in bowls or baskets or just leave them on their own with a foot or two of velvet ribbon.

Baby Food Jar Snowmen

Baby food jars; some craft paint and a bit of ribbon make great Snowman ornaments. Paint the jar and add snowman features. Use the ribbon to decorate the rim and to hang on the tree.

Cushions and Pillows that Look Like Presents

Ask Elsa about custom-made throw pillows made with green, red, or white fabric and ribbons to match. Ask for custom made cushions in solid colors and match with custom made plaid or holiday inspired ribbon. For bling, add rhinestone buttons or pins to show off your interior decorating style.

For all of your interior decorating needs, you can count on Elsa from Sew Zeal. Call or click for a no obligation interior decorating consultation today, you will not be disappointed. Call or click now.

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