A New Look for your Space this Fall

It’s fall, well almost anyway, and it’s time for a new look for your space. This autumn take a different approach with the usual colors for the season along with some unexpected hues. A new look for your space takes on an entirely different look with Elsa from Sew Zeal.

As an interior decorator, Elsa keeps up with the trends while adding her own personal style. Her custom-made window treatments, soft furnishings and cushions and pillows are right on point, especially when it comes to color and design. This fall Elsa has some autumn decorating tips for a new look for your space.

Copper and Turquoise

Think the southwest with gorgeous copper colored custom made window treatments. Go bold and paint your walls turquoise. Wash them with a copper glaze, add some custom made pillows and cushion in turquoise and copper patterns and you will feel like you live in New Mexico.

Black Velvet

Black goes with anything, and if you thought it was reserved for the modern look, or for Halloween, you would be sadly mistaken. Velvet is big for fall in the usual burgundy, rust, and burnt umber tones, but why not try something off the cuff and go for majestic black velvet window treatments. Elsa from Sew Zeal can design matching pillows and cushions to complete the new look for your pace.

Classic Autumn

If you can’t bear to switch it up, look for cushions and pillows in leaf patterned linen or hemp cloth. Go for rust washed walls and dark brown furniture to set off the look. Ask Elsa about recovering your Grandmothers old Rocker and adding a footstool and your room will remind you have a crisp fall day all year round.

A new look for your space is just a call or click away. Ask Elsa about custom made curtains, cushions and pillows and soft furnishings for every room in your home.

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