My Story

Cultivating a Love for Designing Effortlessly Elegant Abodes

my story

Elsa, the founder of SewZeal, has had a passion for sewing and transforming fabrics into creations since early childhood. Elsa is a Certified Interior Decorator and a Certified Window Fashion Workroom Specialist but her story doesn’t start there.

Born in a small town in Portugal, Elsa started playing around with her mom’s sewing machine at the age of nine. From that very moment, she knew she loved sewing. With her mother’s guidance, Elsa began to progressively get better and better at sewing. By the time she was a teenager, Elsa began creating many different sewing products and had well surpassed her mother’s talents in sewing!

Elsa came to New York in 2004

Elsa came to New York in 2004 with a dream to one day own her own custom-made home décor company but that road didn’t seem possible at the time. Being a single mom and working three jobs, Elsa had to put her dreams on hold for the sake of her child. She was starting to lose hope until one day, a friend of hers found out that she could sew. This friend of hers just so happened to be a good friend of an interior designer. Her friend introduced her to the interior designer and within a couple of weeks offered Elsa her first sewing job! The interior designer was not only very impressed with Elsa’s work but also with her friendliness and professionalism. From there, word got out of Elsa’s talents and demand for her services began growing and growing.

Word got around

With no advertising and all word of mouth, Elsa’s passion for sewing had evolved into a business and the dream of owning her own custom-made home décor company had finally become a reality! Her passion and enthusiasm are shown in the workmanship of every item she creates. Elsa takes great pride in her work and for that reason, everything made at SewZeal is held to very high standards! Elsa wants you to be as thrilled with your project just as she is thrilled in creating it for you! In fact, she personally makes sure every job is done with care, quality, and precision.


SewZeal is the one place to call for all your home décor needs. Elsa has all the expertise, experience and certifications to provide you with high-quality custom-made home décor services. Elsa will be with you every step of the way! She does all the consultations, all the measuring, all the installations and oversees and even does some of the sewing work herself to assure everything meets her high quality standards! How many other companies or home décor chains can say that?  Contact Elsa today or visit SewZeal’s  showroom at 277 Nassau Blvd S, Garden City NY 11530 and meet Elsa in person to see her work firsthand and how she could help you with your home décor project.


Elsa’s passion for creating home decor goes beyond just sewing. She always had the vision to decorate an empty space or change the look of an existing one. What she didn’t have, was all the industry rules, regulations, or all the standards that go along with Interior Decoration. For this reason, Elsa decided to pursue a certification in Interior Decoration. Her vision of creating home decor is now complete having the knowledge of all the different nuances involved with Interior Decoration. So whatever your style may be, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between, Elsa can fit your style and create a space for you that will make you feel like you’re at home.

Having a Window’s Fashion Certification

Elsa is a Window Fashion Certified Professional (WFCP) and is current on all the latest window fashion trends and industry standards. You can be certain that your window treatments are made in accordance with industry standards. The WFCP and Interior decorating certifications makes Elsa of SewZeal a great choice when it comes to your next home décor project! To find out more about the WFCP and why it’s good to work with one, please click on the link below.