home decoratorsElsa, the founder of SewZeal has had a passion for sewing and transforming fabrics into creations since early childhood. Elsa is a Certified Interior Decorator and a Certified Window Fashion Workroom Specialist but her story doesn’t start there.

Born in a small town in Portugal, Elsa started playing around with her mom’s sewing machine at the age of nine. From that very moment, she knew she loved sewing. With her mother’s guidance, Elsa began to progressively get better and better at sewing. By the time she was a teenager, Elsa began creating many different sewing products and had well surpassed her mother’s talents in sewing!

Elsa came to New York in 2004, with a dream to one day own her own custom-made home décor company but that road didn’t seem possible at the time. Being a single mom and working three jobs, Elsa had to put her dreams on hold for the sake of her child. She was starting to lose hope until one day, a friend of hers found out that she could sew. This friend of hers just so happened to be a good friend of an interior designer. Her friend introduced her to the interior designer and within a couple of weeks offered Elsa her first sewing job! The interior designer was not only very impressed with Elsa’s work but also with her friendliness and professionalism. From there, word got out of Elsa’s talents and demand for her services began growing and growing.

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